Nancy's garden is still wonderful in November

We're visiting Nancy Bellaire's beautiful garden in Maryland today. Nancy says, "I have been waiting for my Japanese maple to reach full power before I submitted photos. I’m reading Van Swedens’s discussion of light in the garden in his book The Artful Garden. I realized that this grey November day was perfect for capturing the incredible red of my maple, perhaps more so than being backlit.
   In looking over all my November photos, there are really 2 distinct periods for Maryland.  This week I still have bright green and the lava red of the maples with some lingering colors of sturdy perennials and shrubs (ferns, Hydrangea macrophylla, Salvia 'Wendy's Wish', and conifers). But now the backdrop is no longer the colorful fall foliage of the woods but bare, grey oak trunks. The purple in the last pic is beautyberry. I love this moment because through the woods,  a second distant tree line can be seen now that the leaves have fallen. I can pretend it is the silhouette of mountains." Beautiful, Nancy. I especially love photo #3. The combo of the path and the maple is stupendous.

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