Tim's 2015 Coleus Collection

Tim Vojt out in Ohio is, I think, our official plant guru. Today he's back with more gorgeous gems to inspire us. He says, "I'm potting up coleus cuttings and thought I'd send a little survey of the coleus I used this summer. Some are old friends, some are new this year. Two are seedlings found in my good friend Nong's garden in the fall of 2014. Most of these impressed me enough to merit cuttings and over-wintering. I usually use a coleus for two years before I decide I really don't like it. Mint Mocha turned out to be a favorite this year, despite the fact that I was unimpressed with it last year. Any coleus suggestions for next year, friends?" These are all winners in my book, Tim. I really need to break out of my 'Texas Parking Lot' ('Alabama Sunset') rut, but that variety ALWAYS performs for me, and it's so easy to combine with other plants. Unfortunately, I am at a total loss with any shade of orange in a coleus. Pairing suggestions would be welcome int he comments, too, preferably in photo form! 

This is fun! Anyone else want to share what their favorite plants were this year? Not just annuals--how about any new perennials that knocked your socks off? Email pics to me at michelle@gardenygoodness.com, and I'll do my best to post them all. Thanks!!