While the cat's away...have fun with topiaries!

The previous owners planted a massive yew hedge around our front yard many years ago. We don't love it, but we've come to appreciate the privacy it gives to our tiny front garden. it also frames a perfect hollow to hide the garbage cans and compost pile away from the parts of the yard where we hang out. Michelle and I have considered tearing the hedge out a few times, but it would be a big job, and we'd have to fill it with something else, so we keep putting it off.

I was home alone one afternoon this weekend, and figured it was as good a time as any to trim the hedge like Michelle had asked me to. I wanted to cut it back quite a bit to make more room for people walking on the sidewalk, but there were't many needles on the inner branches because the outer growth was so dense. From my experience wrangling this hedge over the years, it works well to open up the hedge in small patches here and there so you let light in to encourage new growth on the inner branches. It's a long term process of trimming and waiting, but it looks much better than totally hacking every green needle off the face, leaving a wall of naked branches until the new growth comes in.

Let's just say I had an inspiration. I have joked with Michelle over the years about how it was boring to just trim the hedge into a typical tidy shape, and how fun it would be to carve some fun shapes--or even creatures--for the neighbors to enjoy as they walked by. I mean, if you don't like it, it will grow back. So, I present to you, "The Hedgeworm". I'm not sure exactly what it is. An inchworm? A glow worm? The hedge was too small to make a realistic looking snake. Whatever it is, our daughter Kaia loved it. She helped me make a few last adjustments and add the Christmas lights. I'll admit that Hedgeworm needs a little work, but I'll have to wait for some of the new growth to come in before I can do more trimming.

When I texted a photo of the final product to Michelle, all I got in response was, "OMG"..."OMG.

I'm sure it will grow on her.