Fascinating plants in Tim's gravel garden

Yesterday we got a broad view of Tim Vojt's wonderful back-yard gravel garden in Ohio (HERE), and today we're getting a look at some of his most interesting plants. He says, "Here are some detail shots, as well as some portraits of some of the new plants this year. I'm hoping for a mild winter in comparison to the last two. My favorite plant by far is the one voted least-likely-to-survive by his classmates: Manfreda 'Chocolate Chip'. I think I take a new picture of him every day. My source says Zone 6; one source says Zone 7a, maybe colder; most sources say Zone 8....Yet another year of living dangerously. 
   Speaking of living dangerously, the gravel garden is also the setting for the great neighbor's-fence-contractor fiasco of December 2014. Even on a snowless winter day, what would possess someone to set up sawhorses in this garden and saw lumber there? Some things defy explanation and fortunately only minor damage was done. I do love the fence, though!  
   Other new plants that weren't so photogenic are four different penstemons, Baptisia arachnifera, and Asclepius cordifolia. Some of the old-timers left are two gentians, various sedums, Veronica incana, Hesperaloe parviflora, seedlings from a coral-colored penstemon, Opuntia polyacantha, Echinocereus triglochidiatus, and about 5 different thymes." Tim, these palnts are ridiculously cool!! It almost looks like an underwater landscape at this level. So great. I think we need a day of photos of all of your favorite plants from your garden!

Send in photos of your gardens, everyone! Michelle@gardenygoodness.com. Thanks!