First full day in Iceland

Our first day in Iceland we took off on a long drive around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. (I must confess that we still haven't figured out how to pronounce Snaefellsnes, even though we tired to memorize it every time we heard someone say it, so we dubbed it the SniffleSneeze Peninsula. Only when no one was listening...) We collected beautiful pebbles on a rugged beach, climbed the side of a massive crater with a killer view, explored a lava cave, admired a glacier, gazed at vast fields of wildflowers, counted literally dozens of waterfalls (including one hidden in a cliff that we had to hike up to), stood agog at moss-covered lava fields, saw herds of Icelandic horses running free, counted rugged, fluffy sheep by the hundreds, stood at the edge of a lava cliff overlooking a turbulent ocean, explored an unmarked dirt road to the most remote, gorgeous, untouched place I've ever experienced, and pretty much fell completely and madly in love with the whole place. This was all in the first day! Even now, my heart starts to race again and I want to go back immediately, if not sooner. I'm telling you, you must go. Please. Do it.