Shade, formality, and containers at Butchart Gardens

It's NOT just more of the same at Butchart today! After two days of tons of photos you'd think we'd seen it all, but today's photos have a decidedly different point of view. Stunning. Thank again, May, for this wonderful tour!

Send photos of YOUR gardens, everyone!

Prepare to be WOWed by Butchart Gardens....

May Kald sent in a whole slew of photos from Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, a couple of days ago. She was inspired by Marie and Tony's garden on Monday. I cannot believe we haven't explored Butchart on Gardeny Goodness yet! Thanks, May, for reminding me, and for supplying the means to do so.

May sent in more than 60 photos, and I can't bear to cut any of them, so we'll just have to suffer through three long days of them. I'm not sure how we'll cope...

May says, "I can't seem to get photos of my own gardens organized to send you, but I do have spring photos from Butchart Gardens. These were taken in April 2007 when I went with my mother, who was 93 at the time, so I have included one photo of her.  She taught me to love nature and gardening, for which I will be forever grateful."

Every darned time I see photos of Butchart I see completely different scenes. Just how large is that place? I cannot wait to visit one day! May, these photos are wonderful. I love the one of your mother. More tomorrow and Friday, everyone! In the meantime, send me photos from all of your gardens! Thanks! -Michelle