The best of 2015 in Cherry's British Columbia garden

Aaaaand, we're back! So sorry for the break, everyone. Life got in the way! I vowed to never be one of those bloggers who apologizes for not posting in a while....but here I am. 

Anyway, Cherry Ong in British Columbia responded for my call for best-of-2015 photos in her garden! She says, "Here are some snaps of the garden through 2015. They're a mix of phone and camera photography. Our trillium was our hugest plant surprise this year (photo 5). We waited 7 years for her and she was worth waiting for!
   The garden is slowly changing and overfilling with plants. I always think it's time to thin down but then I end up doing the opposite. In photo 8, you can see that our open carport is slowly growing into a garden, moslty where I grow my potted perennials during the warmer months only to bring them back into the front and backyard containers or replace perennials that didn't make it.
   We continue to find treasured used pieces for the garden through Craigslist, from the garden furniture that you see to cast iron and terra cotta urns. We lucked out and were given some free pieces from a Craigslist seller that will be our summer projects this year. Hope they all turn out.
   Wondering what everyone else's garden plans for the year are? We'd love to know whether they be big or small scale. It's all fun and inspirational. Have a wonderful week!" So nice, Cherry! Our garden plans this year: a low stone wall along the driveway that will define some raised beds--blank slates ready for planting! And installing irrigation in my back border--the giant maple that hangs over that bed steals all the water, and everything languishes! I WILL do it this year. Really.

Send in your best of 2015 pics, everyone, as well as your plans for 2016! Thanks!