Jeff is ready for fall, and darnit, so am I!

Jeff Calton (Tennessee) says, "Even though we still have warm almost hot afternoons there is a chill in the night air and mornings are brisk. SOON we will be seeing fall colors again. Here are a few from last year. I am ready for cooler weather, slower growth, and taking a much needed rest to enjoy what nature has provided us with. I know these photos aren't a "garden," but they're still pretty darned enjoyable to see." Yes, Jeff, it's this time of year when, dare I say it, I'm sick of looking at my gasping, bedraggled garden. I'd rather look at the changing landscape instead, and forget that the weeds have now surpassed my purposeful plants in both height and volume. Sigh. There's always next year! I'm ready for the first frost. Anyone with me?!