Outside the containers in Cherry's garden

Cherry's little jewel box of a garden has evolved in the most wonderful of ways since it was planted years ago. While Cherry and Raymond were gardening newbies when they embarked on this journey, they've made up for lost time in spades. Cherry sent in these photos last month after coming home from vacation. She said, "I missed my garden during my holidays, but lucky for me, my good friend Sylvia did a great job taking care of it while we were away having fun. Aren't gardening friends the best kind? The photos are taken 15 days after the last maintenance I did, so it's gone wild in more ways than one. It's amazing how the garden grows and changes in a matter of weeks during the summer." Beautiful! Cherry, your Japanese maples are sooooo wonderful. You made such wonderful choices.

Cherry sent in tons more photos of her garden, plus LOTS from her vacation. I'll be sprinkling them in in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!