The gardens at Muiderslot Castle in the Netherlands

I give credit for today's post to, yet again, Rob! He was determined to see some countryside outside Amsterdam, so on our last full day there, we hopped a train out of the city, heading east to Muiden, where we walked through a tiny little village, over a lock, and along a canal to Muiderslot Castle (more info HERE and HERE). The castle was fascinating. I kept having to remind myself that it was real, not some Disney recreation. Living in the US, I have no concept of actually walking through a 14th century dwelling. The stone stairs to the towers have dips worn into them an inch deep, and it was crazy to realize that it was 700 years of footsteps that caused them.

There are two heavily cultivated gardens outside the castle, across from the drawbridge over the moat: a vegetable garden and an ornamental garden, each entered from a central passageway. Perhaps we can convince Ramon to translate the signs for us?

Only one more post from our trip left. Ever wonder what they sell in an Icelandic nursery? I'll show you!

Send me photos of your gardens and your garden travels, everyone!