A broad view of Jeanne's garden in Washington

We’re going to spend the next few days in Jeanne Cronce’s 5-acre garden in Port Orchard, Washington. Jeanne’s garden looks way bigger than 5 acres, in my opinion. How can one garden have so many wonderful views and so many incredible plants?? Jeanne sent in so many photos that it was tough to choose and break them down. Today we’ll see some overall shots, and then we’ll zoom in a little for 3 more days after that. Today she says, "Winter Springs Gardens started 35 years ago without me even realizing it. With no plans or even an idea to create it, it has evolved into a botanical paradise. This has has been an escape from the hectic life and a way to create. It is a full time job now but somebody's got to do it, right?! From bamboo to conifers, rocks, and flowers, it is like a woven tapestry of many colors, textures, and forms. I hope I never run out of energy because there are so many cool plants out there. A little word of advise to those who are young and just starting out: Pick out trees that you like and are suited for your space and plant them now. Get the bones of the garden set up so you will enjoy the maturity of those trees!! May you have many happy and healthy years of gardening!” As I’ve said before, Jeanne, WOW. Everything looks wonderful! But my favorite pic, by far, is of that gorgeous cabbage. Go figure! The simple things--the plant that took a couple of months to grow over the trees and shrubs you've nurtured for years. Sorry about that... ;-)