Amsterdam's floating flower market

We stumbled upon the flower market in Amsterdam quite by accident. (info on the market HERE, HERE, and HERE) Though it had been on our list of things to see during our visit, the list was long, and we hadn't made it a priority to search for this specific sight/site yet. But one day we just found ourselves in it, which was a pleasant surprise. I was amazed at the bulbs, and at how cheap they seemed to be, but duh, we were in Holland! But there were cut flowers, shrubs, annuals, and perennials, too, and in a nod to the stereotypical Amsterdam tourist, lots of cannabis starter kits. I wonder how many silly people try to bring them back to the States with them on the airplane? Ha! I'd done not a lick of research on what I could bring back, so I managed to escape without spending a single Euro. Kind of sad, I know. But it was fun to wander! Weirdly enough, one of my favorite aspects of the market was the backside, where you could see that it is a series of greenhouses on floating barges on the canal.