Jeff and Dorothy garden in perfect harmony in Tennessee

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m on vacation for the next couple of weeks but scheduled a bunch of posts to go up while I’m gone. First up, Jeff Calton down in Tennessee, who says, "I was checking client properties last Thursday and spent some time at Dorothy Lightfoot's. I have known and worked with her for 25 years and she and her husband Tom are more like family now than clients. She likes plants, she likes to garden, and she likes color and variety. Great people to know and work with and she is always willing to try something new. I thought I would share some of her garden photos with you. She has become a daily reader of Gardeny Goodness and loves it!” Aw, Jeff, you’re spreading the word! Thanks! Dorothy, you and Jeff make a great team, and I think you’re lucky to have such a wonderful gardening relationship. Your garden is lovely!