Going beyond azaleas in Pat's Virginia Garden

Let’s spend the next two days in Pat Enderly’s garden! Today she says, "I’m in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and have been in the same house for almost 26 years.  When we bought the house, the only flowers/ornamentals that were here were azaleas. While I’m a fan, I really love perennials and other shrubs and trees, too.  So, over time, we added beds and plantings and now have to have 15 cubic yards of mulch put down every spring. I’m a retired teacher, 2 years now, and just completed a Master Gardener class last November. I do a lot of volunteer gardening and love it.  It’s nice being around like-minded people." Wow, what a great colection of plants, Pat! So many great goodies here... You didn't send IDs, but I bet they'll be familiar to a lot of people here. I've numbered the photos so everyone can chime in in the comments with names for the ones they know. Tomorrow we'll check out Pat's succulent collection. 

Send in photos, everyone! Michelle@gardenygoodness.com.