Cherry helps Ann and Carlos perform a wonderful garden makeover

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m on the second leg of my vacation journey as we speak. Meanwhile, here at the Daily Dose, we ended last week with a mention of Cherry Ong and her influence on her friends’ gardens, and now we’re starting a new week with the same! Today we hear directly from her. She says, "Let me introduce you to a long time friend, Ann, and her husband, Carlos. Their garden was a year old last year and they asked for help as the garden wasn't looking the way they had intended it to. There are the three before photos. The largest garden bed has a sunny exposure and was planted with a variety of trees, bulbs, and perennials they had purchased and a whole lot of shrubs that were gifts from family and friends when they first moved into their home. The other two photos are shady garden beds flanking the front door. There is another garden bed across from the first before photo which has a sunny disposition (no photo enclosed - sorry).
     The biggest challenge for our group project was the budget. Carlos' work had been on strike for a protracted period of time so there wasn't much money to purchase many additional plants. I shopped at summer sales at the various nurseries and hardwares and found some suitable perennials for them. I also brought a lot of potted shrubs that I had been saving up from my garden. Both our families worked together for two Sundays in the late summer to make over the entire front yard. There had to be a lot of editing due to an excessive number of trees and large shrubs in the original garden bed.” Cherry. Will you be my neighbor?? Wow. What a good friend and an awesome transformation!

Send in pics, everyone! Thanks!