More from Ann's garden in Michigan

Remember Ann Evans' garden that we visited a couple of days ago? Well, she's back with all those extra photos we asked her for! She says, "Shade, a little sun, various trees, lots of shrubs and perennials, a few annuals, and lots of foliage.....those are the words that best describe my garden. But the overarching goal of this garden was, and still is, how it makes me feel when I walk into it.  The shade is the biggest contributor to that feeling, especially on a hot day. I feel surrounded by my garden."  What a lovely shade garden, Ann. There are so many ideas here for plants I want to add to my shady areas. Send more pics as the season wears on!

Hey all, I've come to the realization that I probably won't be about to come up with 10 whole big garden posts while I'm away on my trip, so some of the posts for the next couple of weeks will be garden-related news items. I promise they'll be cool! BUT, when I get back, I also promise to have lots of great stuff to share. Like, what kind of gardening goes on in Iceland?? I also have a lead on a gorgeous Japanese garden in the Netherlands that I'm hoping to visit, fingers crossed. So stay tuned!