Exploring Pittsburgh's Beautiful Riverfront Trails

Hey everyone! It’s Rob here. As Michelle promised, here’s my inaugural Gardeny Goodness post. I expect that many of my future contributions to the Daily Dose blog will focus on the bones of gardens—structures, hardscaping, and the like—but I do love plants almost as much as Michelle, so we’ll see what happens.

So last weekend a friend and I spent a day pedaling around the wonderful bicycle trails that span just about every inch of riverfront in Pittsburgh, PA. We covered about 16 miles through everything from repurposed industrial sites and shipping ports to rejuvenated historic neighborhoods and hidden urban wildernesses. 

I’d say what I enjoyed most about our trip were the beautification efforts we found at almost every turn. Some were grand civic ventures with sprawling terraces and inviting water features, but many were intimate personal projects where private spaces happened to border on the public trail. I’m going to share a few of my favorite spots here with you today. I’m not the plant expert that Michelle is, so hopefully she’ll chime in in the comments if anyone has questions about what’s growing in any of the photos below.


The sights in the photos above are close to the Rivers Casino and the Pirates' PNC Park. In this part of town, the trail is wide and well maintained with plenty of spots to stop and enjoy the view. Park spaces like these are all over town along the trail, each with a unique design. 

Parts of the trail pass through quiet corners of old neighborhoods, many of which are a mix of homes, old factories and warehouses, and small marinas. One home in particular stood out for both its unique location and unusual design.

I'll be sorting through the rest of my Pittsburgh photos soon and sharing some more beautiful spots in a future blog post. Let me know if you have a questions about what you've seen so far. Thanks!