More from Tennessee

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Rob was in Pittsburgh, for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (a new yearly tradition), but before he left I gave him firm instructions to take any pics of interesting gardens he sees as he bicycles around the city. Then I reminded him again several times throughout the weekend... So! Hopefully a post from Rob for the very first time later this week! Plus, Gardeny Goodness is going global very soon. I also demanded garden photos from my friend Miyako, who's visiting her parents in Japan at the moment, and from my friend Heather, who will be visiting her parents in England (hmmm. Do they have gardens in England?) this week, and taking a detour into France for a few days. Exciting!

BUT, before we cross the many ponds, let's start the week right here in the US of A with another set of photos from Jeff Calton! Jeff says, "Here are a few succulent containers done for this season both for myself and for clients.  They are getting fat now and coloring up. I am glad they don't need much care during the times that are so busy with other planting going on. I really enjoy the geometric habits, cool colors and wildly different growth patterns and behavior of these plants in addition to the more traditional southern plantings." Um, Jeff....I think we might need to have an intervention....But seriously, what a great collection! Now we need to see a photo of where you keep them all in winter. I bet THAT'S fun.