The evolution of a garden in Tim's back yard

Today's Daily Dose comes from one of my favorite gardeners, Tim Vojt in Columbus, Ohio. You're all my favorite gardeners, of course ;-), but I've actually met Tim in person a couple of times, and worked with him, and had the most amazing shrimp I've ever eaten sitting in the dining room of his gorgeous house. I have a soft spot for Tim....we go way back. Anywho, he redesigned a corner of his back yard recently, and it's NICE! He says, "I started to get a vision for what to do with this section of our small yard when Lorraine said she wanted a path through the mess of plants in 2013 (see before pics below). I created a make-shift path with mulch and culled plants, which served as the spark of inspiration. My next door neighbors divested themselves of a brick patio early this spring, which promptly wound up in my back yard. I designed the brick pathway on the computer. The curves were plotted using the Japanese maple, Cotinus 'Golden Spirit' and Magnolia sieboldii ‘Colossus' as center points of the curves. The large stones had been dug up in my other next door neighbor's back yard in late winter. Other than those two hardscape elements, I moved a few plants and ta da!" So, so nice, Tim! A fellow hardscape scavenger. Yet another reason to love you. And can I just say, that is the dreamiest redbud I've ever seen! Celebrate the day you planted that one. Tim, we need to visit more corners of your garden. How about that awesome round rock garden? How's that coming along?

Send in pics, everyone! Have a great day!