Glamor Shots in Tim's Ohio Garden

Happy, happy 2016, everyone! Let's start off fresh with some gorgeous shots from Tim Vojt. He says, "Last year I learned how to control the exposure on my iPhone camera, which made a big difference in my photos, especially in bright light or for white and red subjects." Holy cow, Tim! Are you using the native camera or an app? I occasionally use Camera+, which gives you quite a bit more control, but I never get results like these. 

Does anyone else use a special camera app for garden photos? I must admit that I've recently started using PicMonkey for editing photos, and I've been amazed at the difference it makes. It just about makes my photos look like I thought they would when I took them. Ha!

Hey everyone, I know it's a little late, being the new year and all, but let's all take a look back at 2015 and gather our best shots from our gardens! Send them in and I'll start posting them. Thanks! --Michelle