A winter wonderland in Montana

Happy Holidays, everyone! I meant to post these gorgeous photos from Kielian DeWitt out in Montana for Christmas, but....housing and feeding 9 people took more time than I had anticipated! I hope everyone has had some time to rest and spend some wonderful time with loved ones. Back when Kielian sent me these photos, she said, "There normally isn't much winter snow in our protected little Valley between the Bitterroot and Sapphire mountain ranges, but this year has proved the exception. We've had seven days of the cold stuff with another ten days of snow predicted. Falling Stone Ranch has been transformed into a magical kingdom of trees bearing snow-coats, lace wrapped fences, and snow-diamond blankets covering the ground.  Merry Christmas to you and your family, Michelle, and to all of the Gardeny Goodness friends I've met and all those I hope to meet!" Absolutely spellbinding, Kielian! What beauty you have just outside your door. Happy New Year, everyone!

New Year's Resolution for you: Send in photos! Michelle@GardenyGoodness.com. Thanks!