Best of 2015 in Nancy's garden

Nancy Bellaire in Maryland emailed these wonderful photos to me earlier this month, and I think this is the perfect time to post them, as we're FINALLY getting some cool weather, and might need a summery pick-me-up. She says, "I may be supposed to be thinking about the bones of the garden in December, but instead I am looking at photos to just enjoy those special moments of the 2015 season. My favorite scenes usually combine flowers and foliage. The flowers, of course, are fleeting, but when the two come together--intricate or bold leaves and color packed petals--for me the garden shines brightest then. I hope your readers will also share their very favorite moments too. Happy holidays, Nancy." Gorgeous, Nancy! And yet another photo to make me soooooo jealous over anyone who's been able to successfully grow hakone grass. Sigh.

Do as Nancy did and send me your best of 2015s! Email photos to Thanks! ~Michelle