Tim's garden is still kicking!

Hello all! I'm back from a little break--Thanksgiving, a craft/art show for Rob (I'm hoping you'll get a peek of his work soon!), and a work trip for Rob that leaves me a single parent for a week had me all distracted. Tim Vojt (Columbus, Ohio) got me jumpstarted again, though, with an email full of luscious photos! He says, "Although we've have several nights when temperatures dipped into the low 20's, it was an unseasonably warm November. I'm surprised at the number of plants that have laughed off the low temps and continue to look good. Heucheras are still pushing out spring-like foliage. My honeysuckle vine is throwing sporadic blooms and stays leafy green until the very dead of winter. Many plants, like epimediums and Geranium macrorrhizum, are using the long autumn to vividly change color. Most of my penstemon are growing thick and are a rich green, getting ready for spring's bloom cycle, but a new P. superbus has taken on a great purple hue. Here's hoping for a mild winter!" Tim, what the heck!? How do you have this much stuff looking good at the end of November? I have that same honeysuckle, by the way, and it is NOT still blooming for me, though it did grow like gangbusters for me this year. Jealous! And can I just say that the marble in the last photo is a perfect example of why I fell completely in love with your garden when I visited years ago. Such a subtle, whimsical little detail. So thoughtful and beguiling. I love it!

Send in photos of your gardens, everyone! I'm sure you have lots of loveliness to share from the 2015 season. Email me at Michelle@GardenyGoodness.com. Thanks! --Michelle