What's looking good now in Tim's Ohio garden

I walked around my yard today to see what was still looking good and was pretty impressed with myself. Until I opened Tim's email! Tim says, "So I may not have taken all of these pictures in November, but all of these plants look just the same in early November as they did through October. I suppose it does't hurt that we have only had one weekend mid-October when temperatures dipped below freezing. (Although I threw in a photo of the tropical vine Thunbergia laurifolia, which grew like a leafy, amazonian conquerer all summer and finally started to bloom in October shortly before it froze.)
   Some ferns are pushing out new growth as if it were spring. Adiantum venustum didn't look half this good during the summer. Arum italicum and Cyclamen hederifolium are waking up from their summer's nap and getting ready to take on winter. Apparently Buckiniczia cabulica puts on a little fall color and I'm not sure my Hakone grass has ever this colorful in the past." Stunning, Tim! You have the best collection of plants.

Hey everybody, show us what's looking good in your garden now, or at any point this season! Email photos to michelle@gardenygoodness.com. Thanks!