The Bloedel Reserve is stunningly serene and green

Linda Skyler's sharing some beauty with us for the next couple of days, taking us to a place I've always wanted to visit. She says, "The Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island in Washington State is an internationally renowned public garden and forest preserve. The founders, Prentice & Virginia Bloedel, had a beautiful vision to provide a tranquil landscape to share and enrich peoples lives.
        The Reserve is 150 acres - a blend of woodlands, landscaped gardens, a moss garden, reflection pool, and the Bloedel's former estate home. It is a beautiful 2 mile walk thru the meadows, woods, bog ponds and tended gardens around the estate home that we take many times during the year. Each season is beautiful and a real treat for all of the senses." Linda, did you have this whole gorgeous place all to yourselves? What a treat. It's so stunningly beautiful. So green and lush and tranquil. Thanks so much for sharing it. And for sending in so many great photos that we get to visit again tomorrow! And and AND, gosh how I love when you guys send in pictures of yourselves in these gardens. 

Send in photos of your garden travels, everyone! So many gardens to see.... Thanks! Now go get those pies baked.... Me? I'm making homemade mini bacon cheesecakes and a crustless buttermilk pumpkin pie to contribute to the family Thanksgiving feast. I'd better get to work! See everyone in the morning! --Michelle