Tim's garden from April to November

A treat today from our friend Tim Vojt out in Columbus! He says, "I have no desire to have my own blog, but I really appreciate being able to share here, get feedback, and be a part of a larger gardening community. Daniela Baloi inspired me last year when she shared a series of photos of one part of her garden throughout the year. I tried to do the same this year in several parts of the yard, but was not very methodical about it. Here are some photos of the west half of my front yard from late April to late November. I completely missed the month of September, and my June photos were so early or late that they weren't very different from May and July, so I left them out.
     The hill faces north and is now almost full sun, creating a lot of different growing conditions, including dry at the top and wet at the bottom. Some photos show my neighbor's badly-needed new driveway. The contractors had to cut into the hill significantly to properly grade it, exposing our heavy clay soil.
     I changed a lot of the plantings this year. The last two modifications I made were to remove more hostas in two different spots, replacing them with a peony near the driveway and Pinus leucodermis "Compact Gem" at the top of the hill near the Oakleaf Hydrangea." Tim, I am just blown away. This garden just keeps getting more and more amazing. Honestly, as I opened each photo, I said, "this is the peak." Then I'd open the next, and the next.... Stunning. Next section of the garden, please. This was fun!

It's fun to share your garden, and we don't bite! Just ask Tim! Send photos to michelle@gardenygoodness.com. Thanks! --Michelle