Sheila's international garden travels

I didn't have to go searching for international gardens yesterday--Sheila Schultz brought them home to me to share with all of you! She says, "Jim and I recently had the good fortune to take a dreamy cruise from Venice to Barcelona. As most of you know I am a succulent freak, so stopping in so many ports on the Mediterranean was pretty darn cool! We were late in the season for lots of flowers, but I didn't care since the many shades of green and all of the foliage textures made me swoon. Huge succulents were everywhere... YES!!! The tapestry of textures and colors plus the visual movement in the shapes of some of the tree trunks captured my interest. The need for gardens on small balconies and rooftops in the cities felt very personal. (You'll notice that in Toulon, France, I even caught a shot of an avid gardener pruning his container plants while balancing on the outside of the railing of his 6th floor balcony!!!) It was all so lovely, I hope you will enjoy a bit of what made me happy on our holiday. Those of you that know me understand that proper names of plants aren't my strength, so you will just have to do your own research if you care, but I do hope you will enjoy the plant life from my view through the lens of my little point and shoot." What fun, Sheila! It looks like such a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us!

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