Linda's lush garden is a spectacular achievement

I've had the great pleasure of meeting Linda Skyler twice now, and it's been an honor to get to know the gardener who created and tends this stunning masterpiece of a garden. Linda just found Gardeny Goodness a couple of weeks ago...if anyone else can think of people who need to know where I am now, please do spread the word! In the meantime, here are some images that Linda shared with me last week. She says, "I have been gardening on my small 1/3 acre site, Zone 7-8, on an island in Puget Sound for over 30 years and enjoy every day that I can be out with the greenery. I get great inspiration from all of the gardens and stories that are shared on the garden blogs. Gardeners, are by nature, always happy, friendly people!" Your garden leaves me speechless, Linda. Every time.