We're back, with a look at Sheila's 2015 containers!

Hey all! It's been quite a week. I hadn't planned on taking a little break from GG, hence the lack of notice, but a discovered that preparing for and starting a new job are a bit exhausting.... But all is good now, and we're back! The job is going well, and I'm happy to announce that my sister, Thea, who lives in Michigan with her awesome family, has agreed to start helping me with the blog. I am sooooo excited to have her on board. She's pumped to start searching out unusual gardens. As soon as we get situated, I'll introduce her a bit more formally, but she's just as camera shy as I am, so you might have to use your imagination when picturing her...

Today we're visiting with our old friend Sheila Schultz out in Denver. She says, "My containers ended up doing pretty well this summer considering they didn't get installed until mid-July because of tough weather... 6 straight weeks of rain followed by a particularly active hail season. As always, I love my succulents and they are the focal plants in many of the containers. I'm also crazy about all the new varieties of coleus, so I have to remind myself to include a few pops of flowers every once in a while! When it comes down to it though, I'm all about the foliage!" Sheila, I so wish I could come out and drink a cocktail on that WONDERFUL patio. Your garden just keeps getting better and better, and your containers rocked this year, as usual! 

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