Tim's fun garden experiment

On my shopping list for next spring: this cool paint Tim Vojt experimented with this summer! He says, "Here are the final results of my rust paint experiment this summer. It was a partial success. I used Modern Master's Iron Reactive paint.
   I sealed three new, clean, dry terra cotta pots with clear acrylic spray paint (inside and out) and then painted the outsides with the Iron Reactive Paint. I let them rust naturally in the elements.
   One container was fairly shaded and held up the best. Two of the containers were on the south side of the house in full sun. By the end of the summer those two were blistering and peeling a bit. I'll probably touch them up next year and maybe do some more experimenting because I love rust. The two things I might try next year are:
   1. Use the Modern Master's primer directly on the outside of the pot instead of the slick acrylic spray paint, and then paint with the rust paint, or
   2. Seal the rust with matte acrylic spray paint when I like the finish and see if that prevents peeling. Maybe someone may have some better suggestions.
   I also painted a small section of concrete block foundation. It's been sheltered and slow to rust, but I like the dull, dark grey of the paint as much as the rust. Of course a flat grey paint would be a lot cheaper than the rust paint." I did not know this even existed, Tim. So, so cool! Wait til Rob reads this....he won't be waiting til spring to buy some, that's for darned sure...

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