Michaele thinks everyone should grow muhly grass

Michaele Anderson (in Tennessee) is a huge fan of muhly grass, and this post is sure to make all of us run out and buy some, too. She says, "Hi, Michelle and garden friends...well, it's that time of year again...when I become an evangelist for the magical beauty of Muhlenbergia capillaris. Throughout the end of September and all of October, it provides drifts of pink clouds floating throughout my garden. I don't tend to think of myself as a "pink" person (ha, I've always been too much of a tomboy) but I am thoroughly beguiled by the pink of my beloved muhly grass. I have admitted to some fellow gardeners that I adore it with an almost unseemly fierceness. So, here are some shots of it taken by daughter, Tara, with a good camera and her excellent eye for framing." Wow, Michaele. That grass is a STAR! **Michaele sent in a few more shots of her garden, minus the muhly grass, which we'll see tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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