The autumn stars in Ann's Michigan garden

We interrupt this week's world tour to come back to the old US of A for a day. We visited Ann Evans' garden in Michigan for a couple of days back in July (HERE & HERE), and I'm so happy that she sent in an update yesterday! She says, "Hi Michelle, I'm back again sending along some photos of fall in Michigan.  Honestly though, this has been one of the oddest autumns I can remember in quite a few years.  Several trees that have always been faithful in producing great color (serviceberries, ornamental pear, and chestnut for example), just didn't cooperate.  A big disappointment, yes, but it makes the others that much more loved! Hope you are enjoying this wonderful fall season." Yet again, why do I not have Japanese anemones in my garden? Yours are beautiful, Ann. And you have some great fall interest going on! Thanks so much for sharing.

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